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I'm Seth - an astrologer based out of New York City. Right out of the gate, I should say that I'm not your typical Astrologer. My “focus” isn't on daily horoscopes or making Instagram-worthy zodiac memes (not that these aren’t great, I myself follow probably far too many…). *My* practice and study of the cosmos is rooted in Hellenistic Astrology, also known as the birth of modern astrology. This practice extends back millennia into 2nd century BCE, and I have found that the deep-rooted traditions and archetypes that form the foundation of the “hellenistic” birth chart are the best place to start for anyone beginning their astrological journey. 


Up until 2017, I had known astrology in the same way as many of my millennial peers — I knew my “star” sign was in Leo. I had felt for a long time that all of the Leo horoscopes I read were either too general or didn’t really fit into my own circumstance. Then I found out that was only the tip of the iceberg! There are 12 major celestial bodies (the “what”) that each represent their own archetype playing out in our lives, 12 Houses (the “where”) that outline particular areas of our human experience (self, wealth, family, love, career, subconscious, etc.), and 12 Zodiac signs (the “how”) that explain the filter we experience these through. 

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If you’re good at math, you’ll know that each of these different pieces of astrology then make up hundreds of different combinations that are constellated in our individual birth charts, and that’s what I’m here to help with! My ultimate goal with The Star Gayzer is to help explain how each of these elements are laid out to form YOUR unique self - and thus begin building a greater sense of self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-love.


What I've found is that by opening ourselves up to the intrinsic qualities that make us... well us, we gain a crucial degree of autonomy in how we operate amongst the powerful forces at work in the stars. This process is not an overnight one. It’s a gradual, unfolding understanding that our individual experience in the world relative to that of our friends, family, and even enemies remains *pretty* similar. We are not without choice and we are not without the ability to evolve. Recognizing that correlations exist between the movements "above" and movements "below"  helps to nurture a profound awareness that the human condition is embedded in a living cosmos that we, luckily,  get to creatively participate in.


So, if this is something you think would help you in whatever situation you're in, let’s chat! I will always do my absolute best to have you leaving our session feeling hopeful and optimistic about your future. 

​'...When speaking to Seth you can't help but see his empathy, which to me made everything feel so personal. When he walked me through the details of my birth chart, I felt affirmed. It confirmed the aspects of myself that I knew about, aspects that I was unsure about, and aspects about my path in life.'


-Daisy Mungai


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