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Hello and welcome to The Star gayzer! 


I'm Seth and I'm an astrologer based out of New York City. Before we get started, I like to cliff-note that I might not be your 'typical' astrologer. My focus isn't on daily horoscopes or making Instagram-worthy zodiac memes (not that these aren’t great, I myself follow many…). Rather, my practice and study of the cosmos is rooted in Hellenistic and traditional astrology. So, in every reading, my goal is to use the rich history of astrology to help you better understand the quality of *your* moment in time; be that when you were born, today, or in the future, so that you can use this greater awareness and understanding to improve your relationship with yourself and the world around us. 


Growing up, I knew astrology simply as my Sun was in Leo. I also always felt that the horoscopes I read were either too generalized or didn’t really fit into my own lived experience. Then, as the stars would have it, I crossed paths with another burgeoning astrologer and discovered that there was an underwater iceberg of knowledge that gave shape, color, and dimension to the constellation of my personality that I had never pieced together before. While daunting at first, it was brought to light that all 10 planets (including the Moon) guide ancient and universal archetypes playing throughout our lives. These planets reside within 12 Houses that each define an essential area of human experience, and these houses correlate to 12 Zodiac signs that explain the needs and wants we have across this life. 

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In our modern world that is so contingent on digital social presence and connection, I always felt as though I needed to present the best version of myself, but then I wasn't able to grow because I didn't acknowledge the hidden or darker parts of my self. Astrology gave me tools and a language to explain exactly who *I* am, and why I'm here. My goal with The Star Gayzer is to help do the same for you. The better we are able to understand our astrology, the better we can become with building a greater sense of self-awareness, self-understanding, and ultimately self-love.


What I've found is that by opening ourselves up to the intrinsic qualities that make us... well us, we gain a crucial degree of autonomy in how we operate amongst the powerful forces at work in the stars. I'd like to also emphasize that with all of this said, we are certainly not without agency. Recognizing that correlations exist between the movements "above" and "below" helps to nurture a profound awareness that the human condition is embedded in a living cosmos that we, luckily, get to creatively participate in.


So, if this is something you think would help you in whatever situation you're in, let’s chat! I will always do my absolute best to have you leaving our consult feeling optimistic and excited about your future. 

​'...When speaking to Seth you can't help but see his empathy, which to me made everything feel so personal. When he walked me through the details of my birth chart, I felt affirmed. It confirmed the aspects of myself that I knew about, aspects that I was unsure about, and aspects about my path in life.'


-Daisy Mungai


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