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What really is Gemini Season?

At some point, maybe from a popular meme on Instagram or from your one friend who loves to celebrate the shifting astro-weather, you might've heard, "... it's Gemini season!" And while It's fun to take note of the Sun shifting into a new sign for the next four weeks, have you ever wondered what else "Gemini season" might entail?

The sign of Gemini is the 3rd in the zodiac; a mutable air sign that's ruled by the planet Mercury, which gives it a distinctly heady flavor. Gemini is also symbolized by the twins Castor and Pollux, and their dual imagery translates into astrology with each placements' expression (ex: Moon in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, etc.) having a plurality to it. Plurality is my favorite word to use when describing Gemini because it does the best job at illustrating how multi-faceted this sign is.

Gemini CAN do it all. They might not be the most deeply researched on a topic like Virgo (the other sign ruled my Mercury, who will truly know every single detail about said topic), but they'll know a little bit about a lot of things which makes them a great fit for anything requiring adaptability. "Go with the flow" is Gemini's tagline. It's no coincidence that Gemini season coincides with the start of Summer either; this is the time of year when we're all feeling Gemini's influence with a drive to get outside and breathe in the fresh air while we connect with friends, family, and anyone else we love talking to! Of course, this year more than most, that energy is amplified after more than a year in isolation.

Unfortunately, Gemini has in modern "pop" astrology become intertwined with keywords like "two-faced" and "fake." This isn't me saying that these words are wrong descriptors of the sign, but I wish that people put this into greater context. For example, if someone with a prominent Gemini placement (like their Sun) hasn't gained much self-awareness, then they're more likely to express this sign's energy in a scattered or fragmented way. Which, of course, is going to be more easily perceived as "fake" because by nature Gemini is never going to stick to one interest. Gemini wants to experience it all, and we're ALL changing and growing as humans, so let's go ahead and remove this hypocritical stigma here and now. If that same energy were to be channeled through greater self-awareness, then Gemini's keywords quickly evolve into "versatile" or "adaptable."

Personally, I have both my Mars and Venus in Gemini, with my Venus at the exact degree of my MC "career" line. These planets in the sign of Gemini require absolutely flexibility and a constantly rotating stimuli. Venus requires all potential relationships to be intellectual first, physical second (although my Scorpio Moon might say otherwise...). My Mars in Gemini means that I'm never going to do one singular thing. I'll balance multiple careers, have a wide variety of interests/hobbies, and will act sporadically whenever my energy allows.

Do you have placements in Gemini? If not, what house cusp does it fall on? Tell me in the comments or drop a note on IG because this guy wants to know! Happy Gemini Season!

- Seth

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