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WDYM? Solar Eclipse in Gemini (6.10.21)

Every month we have a New and Full Moon signifying new beginnings and culminating completions in our lives. Each of these can be significant in their own right depending on where they fall in your birth chart but twice a year, when the Sun and Moon meet each other along the ecliptic (the plane where Earth orbits around the sun), these energies are amplified into an eclipse.

A major reason why eclipses tend to be such a big deal is that they typically fall in the same sign as the transiting lunar nodes (aka Nodes of Destiny). The North Node and South Node are not actual planets; they're actually astronomical points where we can track the Sun and Moon crossing paths. In astrology, they're interpreted as the karmic path we are on individually and collectively. At its core, astrology is really just a measurement of the quality of time and these points do a great job at being our figurative "measuring cups." They hold a lot of information about our life's path, purpose, and the lessons that we should focus on learning in this lifetime in order to live our most fulfilled existence. So, when our two brightest bodies meet near these points during eclipse season, events tend to follow that, if allowed, guide us to grow in the right direction (whether we want to or not...).

On June 10th, 2021, we will have our annular solar eclipse taking place in Gemini at 19 degrees. This means that the Moon will cross directly into the path between the Sun and Earth creating a "ring of fire" effect in the sign of Gemini, where the North Node has been since May 2020. Unless you're in northeastern Canada or up in Iceland/Greenland, then you'll only see a partial view of the event. Fret not though because a partial view does not translate to a partial impact on you or your astrology!

I like to think of eclipses as volumes of our lives. Since the nodes take about a year and a half to move through a sign, we end up experiencing around 6 eclipses in that time. It's important to shift one's perspective out of a "black and white" mindset when/if you think of an eclipse as a singular moment climaxing or beginning on a specific day. While it may be the case that big life changes happen near or on these dates, these themes and your story need time to play out. So, when the nodes first moved into the Gemini / Sagittarius axis in May 2020 that's when this "volume" began.

If you have any personal planetary placements (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in any of the mutable signs, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces, then you've likely already experienced some pivotal turning points in your life over the last year. This applies if your Rising sign and/or social planets (Jupiter + Saturn) fall into those signs too.

To better help illustrate how eclipse cycles can play out, I'll first use my own chart as an example. Since Gemini and Sagittarius occupy my 10th and 4th Houses, respectively, these latest eclipses have been *very* eventful (to note: if any lunation, eclipse or not, falls in an angular house 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, you may notice more "changes" since these houses represent the four pillars of life - Self, Home, Other, and Career).

Since the first cycle of eclipses took place in June 2020, I've been navigating important steps forward in my Gemini 10th house of career while also doing the shadow work necessary to shed what no longer serves me within my Sagittarius 4th house of home. Right after that first eclipse took place, I endeavored to launch The Star Gayzer as a means to practice astrology in a fully realized way on my own terms, whereas for the years leading up to this when the North Node was transiting through Leo and Cancer, I had discovered and was cultivating my astrological roots, if you will. Knowing what the 10th house deals in, I had an advantage of being able to focus in on what I wanted to be known for in the long-term, and initiate that using the amplified energy of the eclipse.

Based on your Rising Sign, you may have noticed shifts and changes taking place from this cycle of eclipses in different areas:

Aries Rising: Your Voice, how you use words and forms of communication to make a difference

Taurus Rising: Your Wallet, how you earn, maintain, and spend money with greater responsibility

Gemini Rising: Your Self, how you perceive your image both alone and with partners in order to develop a more holistic, integrated sense of identity

Cancer Rising: Your Space, how you balance time spent alone in self-care and renewal with time spent in work and service to others in order to develop a true spiritual path

Leo Rising: Your Friends, how you forge alliances and develop networks that help you to make even more of an impact on the world

Virgo Rising: Your Career, see my above personal example :)

Libra Rising: Your Philosophies, how you widen the vision of your life not just with ideas but also life experience to expand your horizons

Scorpio Rising: Your Underworld, how you transform energy through things like money and sex to become a powerful positive force in the lives of those closest to you

Sagittarius Rising: Your Relationships, how you give and receive within partnerships (romantic, friendly, even familial) in order to foster healthier long-term relationships

Capricorn Rising: Your Routine, how you manage the necessary practical elements of life like work and health in order to build a better future (which is also to say a better present!)

Aquarius Rising: Your Creativity, how you nurture your creative talents and/or children to express yourself and your personal meaning in ways outside of outward identity

Pisces Rising: Your Home, how you create a safe space that brings joy and safety in order to rest and care for that which you love

If you want to more deeply understand how this "volume" or the one coming up will impact you based on your own chart then book a reading with me. :)

There's so much to uncover when it comes to eclipses given they revolve around the question we all face which is, 'What in the world do I do with my life?"

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